Photo by Photo Ramirez


What happens when an ordinary school teacher quits her job to become a burlesque performer, then moves to the Bible Belt to advocate for social change while writing it all down?

She chooses to Be. More. Naked.



With one movie under my belt, as a green sci-fi makeup artist and assistant to the director of the low budget Indy thriller, The Scam Artist, starring Diamond Dallas Page, I realized that my degree in Theatre/Performance Studies and Philosophy wouldn't get me far in Atlanta. I left for the deserts of Arizona and completed a post-baccalaureate teaching certification in Secondary English Education. Having the opportunity to work with a diverse student body population motivated me to remain in teaching for four years as an English/Drama instructor.

I resigned my teaching position in May of 2010 due to a health meltdown and set out on a total makeover. I embarked on a journey of rediscovery where I met Pyrrha Sutra, co-creator of Scandalesque, a Vegas-style performance company with a vaudeville aesthetic. Beginning as a student, I reclaimed my health and began emceeing shows for the company. I've had the privilege of performing with Danerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go!, The Shanghai Pearl, and Burlesque Legend, Satan's Angel. Along with emceeing, I co-produced Phoenix's first burlesque festival, The Burlesque Weekend featuring Catherine D'lish, and scripted shows including Tease and The End of Days Cabaret with Austin Head.

I left my Scandalesque family behind in 2011 to relocate to Savannah, Georgia. I now assist Rosemary Daniell, author of The Secrets of the Zona Rosa, study travel journalism through MatadorU, am the regional ambassador for the Stigma Project, the Co-Chair of the Ryan White HIV Coastal Care Consortium, and a LifeSpan Sexuality Educator under Unitarian Universalist's Our Whole Lives Program. I aim to inspire, to fight for social justice, and Be. More. Naked!